Kathryn D’Athena is an artist who lives in New York. She is interested in the use of icons in the practice of worship. Gnostic teachings conclude that the search for God begins with looking within oneself as the starting point. Rather than looking to spiritual masters as examples of one’s own potential, her work questions weather idolatry limits the opening of the human heart.


Kathryn takes objects out of their original environment and transposes them into new contexts. Communion Hosts are one of the most prominent sacred objects shared in Roman Catholic tradition. They are representative of the Holy Communion, the act of taking in the body of Christ to be closer to God. By repurposing this sacred object and placing it into vastly different context, she questions the definition of communion and challenges viewers to see beyond the sanctity of the item.


Kathryn works in the business industry in the hustle and bustle of New York City. While striving to achieve the tangibles of the world by day, her studio practice helps her express the intangible and stay in relationship to what really matters.